Modification workshops


Program 2009:
October 10: CD players / DACs - fully booked
This day was great succes. See some photo's below

November 14: Tube amplifiers - fully booked
December 12: CD players / DACs - fully booked

Program 2010:
January 9: CD players / DACs / networkplayers - fully booked
February 13: CD players / DACs / networkplayers - fully booked
March 13: Tubed CD players - fully booked
April 10: CD players / DACs / - fully booked
May 8: CD players / DACs / networkplayers - fully booked
June 12: Tube (pre)amplifiers - fully booked
July 10: CD players / DACs / - fully booked
August: No workshop
September 11 CD players - 3 places available
October 9 CD players - 4 places available 1 year of workshops !


TentLabs offers high performance audio modules to upgrade existing equipment. Upgrades are carried out by the owner, by Tentlabs or one of ther dealers. If you ever wanted to modify your own, but didn't dare to, or had no access to the right tools;

We now offer a dedicated workshop where you can upgrade your own CD player, DAC or tube amp

With the help of skilled and experienced people (Bart and Guido). Please contact us to see which upgrades can be made to your equipment, in order to be well prepared to take part of the workshop. These are held every 2nd Saturday of the month, with a maximum of 4 contestants.

We apply our own dedicated designed clock, wherever feasible we implement our low noise shunt regulators to improve the power supply. We change rectifier diodes in the power supply to our beloved Schottky barier diodes and change operational amplifiers in the analogue output stage to modern, better sounding alternatives. For tube amps, the well known volume control is a good candidate, as well are the bias contol, heater and filament suplies. Time for some upgrades!

The workshop is free of charge, only the used modules and components need to be paid for. Once subscribed to a workshop, participation is obligatory. A fee of € 125,- shall be paid in advance. This will be balanced later on.


Please contact us at or call at +31 40 2130186 for a dedicated approach.

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